The power of sharing

March 22, 2008

Last week I was one of the speakers at the PSA Holland convention. PSA is an abbreviation for Professional Speakers Association ( .

What is so interesting about this organisation and convention is that it is for speakers and organised by speakers.

As Joe Sherren, the president of the IFFPS (International Federation for Professional Speakers,¬†) said: “At which other convention can you listen to your competitors while they are willingly sharing all their secrets?”

It is true. There was an atmosphere of giving and sharing without expecting anything in return. The real networker spirit.

In my opinion is the reason that while we all are speakers we know that by helping each other everyone will benefit. When everybody gets even more professional, more organisations will be willing to hire speakers and pay the fee they deserve.

Also when everybody helps each other out, costs can be reduced (for example with the tools that Frank Furness shared, which also can be found at his website) and relationships with customers can be improved (by suggesting other speakers for their conferences for example).

Another reason why it is easy to share and help is that most speakers have chosen a niche or just a few topics. That doesn’t it only make it easier to share, but also easier to remember each other so we can also be each other’s ambassadors.

Think about your own profession now. How are you interacting with your conculleagues (I like that word better than competitors)? Are you fearful they will steal ideas from you or are you openly sharing them? Even if it isn’t done in your profession, why not start doing it yourself and setting an example?

I already mentioned this quote from Gandhi a few weeks ago: “Be the change you want to see.”

To your success !



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