Who is in your network? People who pull you down? Or people who lift you up?

In my networking book “Let’s Connect!” I quote Tony Robbins. This is the fragment:

“Personal development guru Anthony Robbins says on his “Unleash the Power Within” CD: “most people’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group”. Read this sentence again. Think about it and make sure you understand what it means.

Robbins also explains the consequences. If you have a peer group with low “standards” or low expectations, they will continuously try to “pull you down”. Not because they don’t love you, but because they DO love you.

When I look back at my life, several friends and relatives of mine told me: “Don’t work so much. Give yourself a break.” I understand what they tried to tell me, because a few years ago for me “working” had a negative connotation (like for most people unfortunately). Working was something I had to do for a living.

But for a long while now “working” is something completely different for me. It means fun, an opportunity for personal development and meeting people where and when I want. In other words I integrated working with the other aspects of my life.

What Robbins suggests is that you make sure that in every area of your life, personal and professional, there is a core group of people with higher standards and expectations than your own. They will lift you up, inspire you, stimulate you, challenge you and ensure you will reach your goals.

Does this sound strange to you? Think about this: if you are a tennis player and you want to improve, who do you play with: opponents that are weaker or stronger than you? From whom do you learn the most?”

How about you? Which kind of people do you have around you? People who pull you down or people who lift you up? It’s never too late to expand your network with the last category.

Have a great networking day !


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4 Responses to Who is in your network? People who pull you down? Or people who lift you up?

  1. […] 4) Many people don’t reach their goals or don’t take decisions in their life. Again: look at the reference group. Is it supporting you? No really, do they REALLY support you. As Anthony Robbins said: “Your peers (or reference group) pulls you down sometimes, not because they don’t love you, but just because they DO love you. They don’t want you to get hurt.” Sometimes our reference group sabotages us and most of the times not deliberately (see also a previous post). […]

  2. […] How the network of your network influences your happiness By Jan Vermeiren I have already written about the theory of the 6 degrees of separation before and also to give thought to people who lift you up or pull you down. […]

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