Networking Tip: Make Someone’s Day

Yesterday I was installing new software that I received from my bank to make transactions much smoother.

Having worked in the ICT industry before I started Networking Coach I always dread such moments because I know Murphy’s Law is always around the corner. And yes also this time.

Apparently the installation software is not 100% compatible with Windows Vista. So I had the call the help desk. And that on a day that banks are closed because of a regional holiday. While I was going through the options (For .. press 1, for .. press 2,…) I was already starting to tell myself “How can you set yourself more up for frustration than this?” until … I got a real voice.

And even more to my surprise it was a very helpful man. And at a point he even admitted he didn’t know the answer, but was going to get back to me with the answer (“Yeah right” I already hear you think). But after the first helpful contact, I started to believe in helpdesk-mankind again. And I was right. 20 minutes later he called me back with the right answer and I could go on with the installation.

So I got to the next step. Again a problem. So I called the helpdesk again. Another man, but cheerful, and determined to resolve the problem. And he did in less than a minute.

After I thanked him for his help, he asked me: “Can I ask you a question?”. “Of course” I replied expecting that he would ask me to answer a customer satisfaction survey (which I was glad to do because of the good help I got from them).

To my surprise he asked “Are you the one who wrote the networking book “Let’s Connect”? “Yes I am” I answered. “Well, I have been reading it and I want to thank you for the many good tips, it is really a great book.”

Wow! That took me by surprise!

Thank you KBC Business HelpDesk for not only helping me out and getting my frustration out of the way, but also for putting a big smile on my face and making my day!


PS: who has suprised you lately? And who did you surprise? Most of the times it is in the small things.


2 Responses to Networking Tip: Make Someone’s Day

  1. Jan says:

    Beste Jan

    Naar aanleiding van jouw TV optreden in de 7de dag (al eventjes geleden hé), las ik jouw boek. Het inspireerde me enorm en er opende een heel nieuwe wereld voor me.

    Om je hiervoor te bedanken vertel ik andere mensen regelmatig over jouw boek. Onlangs heb ik ook naar jou verwezen in een interview van de VAC (Vlaamse BeroepsAssociaties voor Coaches).

    Nogmaals bedankt


  2. Bedankt voor het compliment Jan !

    De andere Jan 🙂

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