Networking Tool: Your V-Card

One of the networking tools you can use is a V-Card.

What is it?

A V-Card is an business card in electronic format. In other words: it is a contact card from your e-mail program with your own contact data.

Why should you use it?

Only few people use a Business Card Reader, take the time to put in the paper business cards they received in their e-mail program or copy the contact details from the signature at the bottom of an e-mail in a contact card.

As a consequence they don’t always find the people they need. Hence the danger is they forget about you or don’t know how to get in touch with you.

To solve this problem you can send an e-mail with your V-Card in attachment after your first meeting. The recipient can then easily save this V-Card in his e-mail program. In this way you help them to easily get back in touch with you.

A word of caution: do this only once. Don’t attach your V-Card to each e-mail you send. People go crazy when they get unnecessary attachments over and over again!

To your success !


PS: for an overview of other tools:
Networking and referral tools (English)
Netwerk en referral tools (Nederlands)


2 Responses to Networking Tool: Your V-Card

  1. Great tips on this site. Can believe i didn’t find it sooner.

  2. Great advise on here. Cant beleive I didn’t find this sooner. Maybe we can buddy up?


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