Get in Shape for September

On August 26 the second edition of In Shape for September will take place in Kasteel van Brasschaet.

No less than 13 top speakers from Flanders will inspire the participants to get their business, their carreer and themselves back in shape to make the last trimester of the year an outstanding one.

These are just a few examples of the topics and the speakers:
– Radical innovation in sales and marketing (Patrick Maes)
– Find time and how to deal with it (Paul Meert and Paul De Bruyne)
– Unconventional smart: Life Hacking (Bert Verdonck)
– Transformation as source of motivation (Wim Van Acker)
– Transform stress in energy (Tim Vermeire)
– Powerful Presentation Techniques (Sylvie Verleye)

Other speakers: Bert Van Driel, Jan Mouton, Katharina Mullen, Peter Tuybens and Nathalie De Regge.

I will also do a one hour session about Everlasting Referrals. So if you haven’t seen me speak before and you can’t make the introduction session about referrals on September 23 this might be an excellent moment.

Trends magazine wrote an article about the first edition (in Dutch).

By the way, this will not only be a day that will inspire the participants, but also a super networking day.

More information and registration:

See you there !



2 Responses to Get in Shape for September

  1. Tadefo says:

    Like your short Audio and extract of your book on networking but do not own a credit to buy it myself. continue the good work you are doing.
    please why cant you share the transcript of sylvie verleye on presentation techniques with your blog readers?

    Thanks if you can do that to help us grow.


  2. Hi there,

    I very much like the idea of sharing. What I suggest is this. I have my blog where you already find advice on strong presentations. Part of it is in Dutch, part of it in English. What could be very interesting though is the e-column I start in September. Monthly I will send one column with advice on a particular topic in the field of presentation techniques. This will be most often illustrated by interesting stuff I have found on the net (mainly you tube) which will make my point crystal clear. Should you or other people be interested to be added to the column list, just send me a mail.

    Have a nice day !

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