How to deal with the flood of LinkedIn invitations in only a few minutes?

If you are a member of LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing, Facebook or other platforms where you can network with others, you will have experienced that you send almost the same message over and over again. For example when someone wants to connect to you or when you want to connect to someone. If you have a large network this might consume lots of your time.

Lifehacker Bert Verdonck showed me a neat and free tool that can help to deal with this. The tool is called Texter.

By the way, lifehackers are people who are looking for ways to simplify their and our lives.

What does Texter do?

It gives you the opportunity to link chuncks of texts with “hotstrings”.

For example if someone I have never heard of sends me an invitation on LinkedIn, I type “linkedin-res” (which is my own hotstring for “LinkedIn response”) and automatically the following text pops up.


thank you for your invitation to connect !

Unfortunately I meet so many people that I don’t always can “put the name and face together”.

Can you help me by reminding me where we met?

Thanks and … have a great networking day !


By the way, this is actually true, so it is not just a trick. Despite the fact that I can remember people pretty well, I meet lots and lots of people so sometimes it happens that when they remind me where we met I remember them.

So the only thing I have to do is to add the name of the person who contacted me to the text. It can be a huge timesaver! By the way, ALWAYS personalize your invitations, responses and other messages (see also a previous post about this subject).

And another sidenote 🙂 When I show this in presentations or training courses, people ask me if I connect with everybody. No, I don’t. The people I don’t know I send the message above. And then it depends on their answer if I connect with them or not. People who don’t respond, obviously don’t get a positive response from me.

Of course you can use this technology also for other tasks than online networking, like answering e-mails or giving information.

Actually you can use Texter for any text you need to type in more than once and is more than a few words. It will save you LOTS of time !

Read more about Texter, download it for free and experience how you save minutes and maybe even hours a day.

On the Networking Coach website you can find more networking and referral tools that can make your life easier.

For other lifehacking tips, see Bert Verdonck’s weblog or the Lifehackers’ website.

Have a great networking day !


Founder of Networking Coach and networking speaker


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