Networking Event of the Month: Brian Tracy in Antwerp

The networking event of the month November is Brian Tracy’s High Performing Leadership Seminar on Nov 19 in Metropolis (Antwerp, Belgium).

This is an excerpt from the program:

In a one day session, Brian Tracy will talk about High Performance Leadership, where he reveals a series of proven strategies that you can use immediately to get better results in every area of your business.

During this interactive presentation, you will learn how to think strategically, manage time more efficiently, select the right people, communicate effectively and build peak performing teams. Brian’s session will be highly informative and interactive, loaded with both funny and motivational content.

This session of High Performance Leadership is even more special; since it’s the first time Brian Tracy is presenting live in the Benelux. Don’t miss this opportunity: Seats are limited to 740 leaders, business owners, managers and high potentials.

In this seminar, you learn how to manage, motivate, think, plan and act like the best business owners and executives in the top companies worldwide.

More info:

I personally already learned a lot from Brian’s material and still can learn a lot from it, so I do not only recommend this event, but I will be there myself (this time not as a speaker, but as a member of the audience).

Why is this a good networking event? Because only people who will learn about leadership will be there. This means high achievers and people who are willing and able to make a difference through helping each other.

Thanks to Byron Soulopoulos, CEO of Brian Tracy Benelux, readers of this blog receive a discount: they only pay 445 euro instead of 495 euro for the business tickets. Follow this link to get this discount.

See you there?


Founder of Networking Coach, author of the network book Let’s Connect and networking speaker


One Response to Networking Event of the Month: Brian Tracy in Antwerp

  1. Indeed, this is a unique opportunity to see this top-10 member in action.
    No hyped-up show, but right to the point study material.
    I have lot’s of cd’s of this man and learned a lot also from the books.

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