Networking Tool: Xobni

The free tool Xobni offers another view on the data of MS Outlook. Instead of using e-mails as the basis, a person is the basic unit. This means that there is a link from every e-mail to an extra toolbar which contains data about this person, the e-mails and files you have shared with them and who are the contacts you have in common.

Why would you use it?

Sometimes it cost a lot of time and effort to find the contact details of a person. Sometimes the e-mails you have exchanged with a person are in several folders and are they hard to find back. Xobni brings these data together in a concise format.

Xobni in detail.

Xobni shows the following data in a concise overview in Outlook:

  • Contact details: name, telephone number, email address, … are retrieved from the signature of an e-mail. There is even a link with LinkedIn to retrieve the picture of this person.
  • Statistics of when you have sent e-mails to this person and when you have received e-mails from this person. This is ideal to see when it is the best time to contact someone.
  • Overview of all exchanged emails with this person.
  • Overview of all exchanged files with this person.
  • Overview of the common network. This is a list of all people who were in cc in one of the e-mails. Most of the times they will know each other, except when you send emails to groups of people who have the same profile or interest, but don’t know each other.

Xobni is a very useful and free tool that can save you a lot of time.

One warning: some people have more than one email address. These are never shown in one overview. So you can still miss emails from someone if you don’t take this into account.

Are you interested in more tools to make your networking and referral life easier? You find an overview of networking and referral tools (English) or netwerk- en referral tools  (Dutch) on the Networking Coach website.

Have a great networking day !


Jan Vermeiren, Founder of Networking Coach and author of the network book Let’s Connect.


2 Responses to Networking Tool: Xobni

  1. Muriel says:

    Gebruik deze tool ook al een tijdje, en zou een bijzonder gelukkige gebruiker zijn mocht de belasting op Outlook (2007) wat minder zijn …

    Pluspunten zijn uiteraard de vele statistieken, de direct LinkedIn ‘link’ (nu ook met profile foto) én de zoekfunctionaliteit die m.i. de instant search in Outlook 2007 verre overtreft!

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