How to use LinkedIn to find the right networks

In my post of last week I wrote about a McKinsey survey which revealed that business-to-business and internal networks are the most important sources for innovation.

The question that many people have is: “OK, that insight might help us too, but where do I find these networks?”

Nowadays there are many tools that can help us finding them, they are called online business networks. At the moment of writing the most important one is LinkedIn (but there is also Ecademy, Xing, Ryze and many others).

How to use LinkedIn to find the networks you are looking for?

Assuming that you already have a profile and some connections on LinkedIn, these are the steps to take:

1) Define the profile of the people you think might add value for your project. These can be people from another department or from another organisation.
2) Use the advanced search of LinkedIn to find people with this profile.
3) Look which clubs and organisations they belong to. Focus on both LinkedIn Groups as other groups they mention in their profile (you find this at the bottom of someone’s profile).
4) Become member of the LinkedIn Groups which seem interesting to you.
5) Look in the LinkedIn Group for other interesting profiles.
6) Connect with the people from step 2 or 5 yourself or get connected via a mutual connection.

To your success !


Jan Vermeiren, Founder of Networking Coach and author of the network book Let’s Connect


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