Best Of The Blog 2008

In the beginning of the New Year I would like to look back at the most important posts in this blog of 2008. To make the overview easier, I have made 5 categories and picked the three posts with the most important information in each category. Enjoy !

Category Networking Insights

How to deal with the 5 barriers that prevent people from helping you?
Don’t ask for a favor, ask for advice
Who is in your network, people who pull you down or people who lift you up?

Category Referral Tips

How to ask for referrals?
Referrals will become the primary sourcing channel for all positions
Do people know, like and trust you?

Category Interviews With Other Networking Experts From All Around the World

Michael Hughes (Canada)
Robyn Henderson (Australia)
Will Kintish (USA)

Category How to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn explained in 3 minutes
I’m on LinkedIn, but still don’t get a customer or a job
How to use Linked to find the right networks?

Category Networking Tools

LinkedIn toolbar

I wish you a fantastic 2009 and look forward to your suggestions and comments on posts !


Jan Vermeiren, founder of Networking Coach and Speaker about Networking and Referrals


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