Can I Ask You For Advice + New Year’s Present

Maybe you have already heard it: I’m writing a new book about the real power of LinkedIn and how it can work for anyone.

The title of the book is “How to REALLY use LinkedIn?”

The remark we heard the most the past year in our presentations and training courses was that most people have a profile on LinkedIn, but don’t know why and how to use the website.

In the book I will cover many topics among which: why is LinkedIn so powerful, which is the one and only strategy that produces real results, several little known, but important details and also which tools can help to reduce the time spent working with LinkedIn.

Why now this post?

Because I want to ask you for some advice about these two topics:

1.Which question do you have regarding LinkedIn? The danger of being a specialist is to look over “basic” questions. So that’s why I would like to know which difficulties you have working with LinkedIn (or why you don’t use LinkedIn at all).

2. Probably you know that at Networking Coach, we find it important to give back. That’s why a part of the revenue will be donated to 5 charities. I want to give you the opportunity to do something for your favorite charity and to “nominate” it.

In order to have a smooth processing of all the answers, we have made a webpage where you can answer these questions: (English) or (Dutch)

At this webpage you will see that there is a gift to thank you for your time and advice. Every year we create a New Year’s present without an ecological footprint and we think you will like this one at least as much as the previous ones.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and … have a great networking day !



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