Networking Tip: Check Your Visibility

When networking online and offline the way you are perceived is very important.

Of course this is not always easy to know “in real life”.

But on the Internet there are some tools that can help you.

One of them is

This website searches blogs, news, videos and social and business networks for the words you choose. This can be yourself if you want to find out what people write about you or the organisation you work for.

You can also use it to look up other things like media events, interesting people or other topics.

Why use “Who’s Talkin” when you already have Google and other search engines?

Because “Who’s Talkin” searches other sources: websites where people interact with each other. “Normal” websites can be very static, this is about dynamic conversations.

So what are you waiting for? Go to and find out what people are saying about you!


Jan Vermeiren, founder of Networking Coach and Networking Speaker


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