Networking Tip: Have a Host(ess) Attitude

Many people have a hard time making contact with other people at a cocktail drink, conference, reception or other networking event.

 One of the best tips to feel more comfortable is to adapt a host(ess) attitude.

 What do I mean by that?

 What do you do when you are throwing a birthday party and you are the host of the evening? You welcome people, you make them feel comfortable, you provide them with drinks and food and you introduce them to each other. You don’t wait for them to ask you for something, but you take an active approach. You focus on the well-being of others, not your own. And you feel great by doing this.

 Just as Donna Fisher advices in “Professional Networking for Dummies” I also recommend that you do the same at networking events, even when you are not the organiser. What you can do is radiate a “host(ess) attitude”. If you focus on playing an active role at the event, people will be grateful. You will have fun, be appreciated and feel valuable.

 So play the host(ess) at the next event by doing the following:

  • Greet people. Even if you don’t talk with them, nod and give them a genuine smile.
  • Make people feel comfortable. Give them your full attention and listen to their stories.
  • Get them something to drink or eat. Do this yourself or call the waiter.
  • Connect them with other people by introducing them in a way that is compelling for both of them.

To your networking success !


 Jan Vermeiren, founder of Networking Coach and networking speaker.


2 Responses to Networking Tip: Have a Host(ess) Attitude

  1. Karen Leslie says:

    This is something that I’ve recently noticed when attending networking events – that some people act as the host and they are usually the best networkers!

    You are right about a compelling introduction since I’ve found that a great introduction works wonders!


  2. Paula Cottle says:

    Funny you mention this… whenever I help a friend with a party not only do I meet a lot of new people but I feel confident and comfortable. But when I attend a “Networking” party I am tense, uncomfortable and usually end up leaving early and empty handed.


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