LinkedIn Announces Subgroups

LinkedIn announced today a new feature: subgroups.

This means that within Groups also subgroups can be made by the Group owner and managers.

This is (again) a great step forward in the interactions between people. Especially for very large groups.

In their announcement email LinkedIn put it like this: “Subgroups are like a break-out session at a conference. They enable you to create more focused areas than in the main group.”

Since this is one of the features I also have been advocating, I’m a happy man today 🙂

Have a great networking day !


PS: see you at the free web seminars about how to REALLY use LinkedIn later today! Bert Verdonck, who was so nice to be willing to be the host of tonight, will have his work since almost 1000 people signed up for them. If you haven’t registered do it via the Open Course page on the website of Networking Coach. There is one in Dutch and one in English.


2 Responses to LinkedIn Announces Subgroups

  1. Tara Martin-Milius says:

    It’s a great idea, and a wonderful way to drill down into specific and related topics.

  2. robinkay says:

    Can you move people in the group that you manage to Subgroups???

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