Summer Sales Professional Networking Package

 Summer has arrived and for many people it means they have time to read or to reflect on how their career or business is doing.

Since you registered yourself to receive our newsletters and updates, you understand that having a network and being able to tap into your network is not only the cheapest, but also the most powerful resource to support you in your career and business.

However, not everybody has already given thought to what networking really is, what the dynamics are when you are communicating with your network and how to go about it in the best way so you get real results while respecting every party’s values at the same time.

Of course we regularly organise free and for-a-fee workshops, training courses, web seminars and presentations about networking and referrals (both in-company as public), but not everybody has always the opportunity or means to attend one of these.

That’s why there are also a number of books and CD’s at your disposal. And since the summer is the ideal moment to read or get tips via a CD, we want to support you by offering a special summer deal.

We don’t only give a discount on the popular Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course, but we have also created a special bundle at a very low price.

This is the overview:

Summer Action Bundle Professional Networking
This special bundle consists of:

1) Book Let’s Connect! (Amazon best seller)

Get insights in the dynamics of networking, how to craft an Elevator Story, how to make contact at conferences, receptions and other networking events, how to follow up, which tools are available to network more effectively and efficiently and how to be more successful in your business or career by tapping into the power of your network.

2) CD Let’s Connect at an event

This CD is especially made to listen to in your car when you are on your way to (or back from) a conference, reception, business club meeting and any other networking event.

The 30 tips on the CD are categorized in 3 categories:

  • How do I prepare myself in order to not only feel more comfortable, but also get results.
  • What do I do at the event (how do I make contact, how do I present myself, how do I go beyond the superficial chit chat and how do I end a conversation)?
  • How to follow up afterwards in order to increase my success rate and ROI (Return on Investment) in time and money?

3) Book How to REALLY use LinkedIn (Amazon best seller)

You don’t only get insights in where the real power of LinkedIn resides, but also a short and effective 3 step action plan in order to get results fast. Next to that there are advanced strategies, for example to find more customers, to get more out of your business club membership using LinkedIn or to find a new job.

Add to this the answers to the 24 most asked questions and 22 little known, but interesting features and behavior of LinkedIn that can make or break your actions on LinkedIn and a list of free tools to save time, and you know that “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” is THE manual for beginners and advanced users to turn your presence on LinkedIn into a gigantic success.

Limited Summer Action Bundle: 30% discount: only 50 euro instead of 78.95 euro (incl. VAT)!

The bundle is also available in electronic format (PDF and MP3): only 40 euro and no shipping costs (incl. VAT)!


Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course
This Home Study Course is especially designed for business owners, sales managers, business development managers, account managers, sales representatives and everybody who needs to sell products or services and who doesn’t have the time or budget to follow the two-day Everlasting Referrals Training.

This Home Study Course makes sure that you will be introduced by your network to prequalified prospects. As a consequence not only more gets sold with less effort, but after a (short) while you don’t have to cold call anymore. Your network brings in customer after customer after customer.

This is the content of the Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course:

  • Manual
  • Workbook
  • Book Let’s Connect!
  • CD Let’s Connect at an event
  • Some samples of tools that can support you
  • Weekly follow up emails during a full year (52 weeks)
  • Extra: Online Networking Power Pack with a 10 step action plan to develop a successful online networking strategy

Summer Action: 30 % discount: only 249 euro instead of 347 euro (incl. VAT)!


Go to the webshop of our partner Amerone to benefit from these special offers:
Summer Bundle in English.
Summer Bundle in Dutch.

In the meantime we wish you a fantastic summer and we look forward to meeting you after the summer at one of our web seminars, training courses or presentations or on another networking event!

Jan and the Networking Coach team


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