How To Be Successful on LinkedIn By Using the Golden Triangle of Networking

In order to get results When networking online and offline, it is important to take into account some fundamental principles. One of them is the Golden Triangle of Networking.

These are the three elements:

1. Give or Share

This relates back to the networking attitude from a previous post. What can we give or share with other people. By giving and sharing we improve our relationships with other people.

For many people this is a hard concept because they think in terms of need instead of abundance. They also think if they give something away they don’t have it themselves anymore. Though that might be true for physical objects, we live more and more in a knowledge society (especially in the western world). When you share information or knowledge (like I’m doing with you now) you don’t lose it. We both have it.

2. Ask

When networking it is important to ask other people for their help. This is where the power of the network resides: getting help from other people.

People like to help each other, especially if it doesn’t cost them any money and a small amount of time.

However, the biggest problem is that we don’t know how we can help other people.

So help other people to help you and tell them what you are looking for and ask for help.

3. Thank

Most of us do thank people when we received something or when someone delivered a solution to a problem. But do we always thank people if we did NOT get something? Do you always thank someone when she took the time to look for a solution, but didn’t find one? Or when she just took the time to listen to you?

And do you thank them again when months later you get the job or the project that they helped you with by connecting you with the right person?


Take the Golden Triangle into account when dealing with your network and you will see the results.

To your success !


PS: this is an excerpt from the book How to REALLY use LinkedIn (of in het Nederlands: Hoe LinkedIn nu ECHT gebruiken). Make sure you download your FREE light version.


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