LinkedIn – Twitter integration: pros and cons

Last month LinkedIn integrated Twitter on the Profile page and on the Home Page.

Before you get too excited (or wonder what to do with it), I want to share some thoughts with you.

Pros of the Twitter integration:

– When someone looks at your Profile and likes it, they immediately can click on your Twitter ID and start following you. This is a benefit because sometimes it is hard to find someone on Twitter (despite the search engine). Why? Not everybody uses their own name or when they do they don’t always use the same picture as on LinkedIn (and then try to figure out which John Smith it is). Of course most of the times it is not so hard to do, but all shortcuts that make our life easier are good.

– You only have to post something once, instead of posting it on Twitter and then go to LinkedIn and post the same message there again. Again it makes our life easier.

Cons of the Twitter integration:

– Some topics people post on Twitter are pretty personal. Not everybody on a professional networking website is interested in them (and sometimes it is better that they don’t know what their connections are posting; that being said: be aware that everything you post online might be found by your professional contacts so always think before you write!)

– Twitter has another pace than LinkedIn. Some people tweet 20 times a day. LinkedIn has a much slower pace and people use it in a different way. This sometimes frustrates younger people who like the speed of Facebook and Twitter more. But remember it is a website for professional networking. And that has another pace, whether you like it or not.

Solution to benefit from the advantages, but avoid the disadvantages:

As I wrote in my book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” (free light version available in English and Dutch) there are free services that allow you to post to different websites at once (so it is not limited to LinkedIn and Twitter, but also Facebook, Plaxo, MysSpace and many others).

For every message you post, you can tick off/on the websites where you want it to appear, giving you more control and save some time as well.

These are examples of such services:

To your (social) networking success !



6 Responses to LinkedIn – Twitter integration: pros and cons

  1. RickStar says:

    Tweetdeck can also be used as a complete social app. It combines Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook & MySpace.

  2. By adding #in to your tweet, only those messages will end up at LinkedIn. Filtering will make your tweets more valuable for your LI network.

  3. Ann Marcelis says:

    Or you can change your settings for Twitter on LinkedIn to share only tweets that contain #in

  4. wadje says:

    In mean time you can also use tools such as to manage al those different sites and applications at once


  5. Gilbert West says:

    I’d definitely recommend using the #in tag in tweets as Tweetdeck is the most popular client ans supplies LinkedIn updates. So if you are following someone and connected to them via LinkedIn as well you start to get a rather annoying stereo effect of hearing the same message twice.

    Thanks for the links to other apps I’d not seen some of them.

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