LinkedIn Question: What will happen when I remove a connection on LinkedIn?

A question that is asked in our presentations and training courses a lot is: What will happen when I remove a connection on LinkedIn? Will he be notified?

There are occasions you want to remove some of your contacts. The reasons might be that something happened between you and another person, that you are changing jobs or that you are reorienting yourself and don’t want to be associated with a certain industry anymore. Personally only the first reason would be reason enough for me to remove a connection. In the other cases you might never know who they know or who can help you in your new situation.

Before I show you how to remove a connection, let ‘s start with a question that many people have: “I don’t want to be connected anymore to that person, but I don’t want him to know that because I don’t want to get in trouble with him.”

The answer is: no, the person you remove as a connection won’t be notified.

These are the steps to remove someone:
1. In the left menu, click “Contacts”.
2. In the new page you will see at the top right hand side: “Remove Connections”.
3. Choose the connections you want remove and click the button “Remove connections”.
The connections will not be notified that they have been removed. They will be added to your list of “Imported Contacts” in case you want to re-invite them later.

To your success !


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5 Responses to LinkedIn Question: What will happen when I remove a connection on LinkedIn?

  1. John Oglesby says:

    Be aware that removing a connection on LinkedIn is a permanent decision. If you disconnect and later decide that you really do want to remain connected to that person, you will not be able to re-establish the connection.

    I was demonstrating LinkedIn to a group of job seekers and was asked whether a notification would be sent if a connection was severed, so I tried it with one of my network connections. We have not been able to reconnect. I have even asked LinkedIN customer support about this. Their response is that LinkeIn is not designed to allow reconnections.

  2. Rodrigo Gomez says:

    How can I not be notified when a unwantes person that is not in my contacts contacts him-herself with any of my contacts?

  3. Hi Rodrigo,

    what kind of notifications are you talking about?

    Can you give some examples?

    Thanks !


  4. Rodrigo Gomez says:

    Can we discuss this privately?

    I think this it a too personal matter and a I really need your answer.

    Thanks a LOT!

  5. Tom says:

    It is not that I want to remove a connection, but this one connection posts way too much for my tastes and I would like to know if I can change a setting such that I do not see every post they make? Otherwise, I will be forced to remove them as a connection just to unclutter my LinkedIn page.

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