How To Create an Attractive LinkedIn Profile by Using Video

Many people want to make their LinkedIn Profile stand out.

A good way to do that is using video. Although LinkedIn doesn’t give you the choice to upload your own video to your Profile, there is a work around.

How? By using Google Presentations.

These are the steps to take:

1 ) Make a SHORT video
2 ) Upload it to YouTube
3 ) Go to Google Docs (you might need to create a new account like a Gmail account)
4 ) Choose “Create New” and then “Presentation”
5 ) Choose “Insert” and then “Video”
6 ) Search for the video you just uploaded to YouTube, click on it and press the “Select Video” button
7 ) Log in in LinkedIn and choose “Profile/Edit Profile”
8 ) Scroll down till you see Applications (left hand side) and Press “Add Application”
9 ) Choose “Google Presentation”
10) Select the presentation you have just made

A word of caution regarding the content: always use videos (or slideshows or documents) to share tips and help people. Don’t put any marketing material on your Profile. Get people to like you first by sharing and helping.

This also applies to job seekers. Share in your video some tips regarding your expertise. This will give insights to potential employers on how valuable you can be for them. And it also shows how proactive and creative you are since almost nobody uses video in their LinkedIn Profiles.

To your success !


Jan Vermeiren is the founder of Networking Coach and author of “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” (in Dutch: “Hoe LinkedIn nu ECHT gebruiken“). Click on the links of the books to get a free light version.


4 Responses to How To Create an Attractive LinkedIn Profile by Using Video

  1. purgly says:

    Congractulations from Brazil Jan,
    I was exactly looking for this, since you mentioned it at your webinar on How to Realy use LinkedIn.
    Best Regards,
    my social map at
    my main blog at

  2. Beste Jan,

    Dank voor je tips mbt video op je profiel. Ik heb je video op jouw profiel bekeken. Ik begrijp wat je bedoeld, maar zie niet hoe ik dat voor mijn eigen situatie (als landschap- en architectuurfotograaf) zou kunnen toepassen.

    Zou je daar meer over kunnen vertellen?

    Met vriendelijke groet

    John Verbruggen

  3. Hello John,

    I answer in English so international readers can also profit from the tip.

    Everybody can make a small video about their expertise. You can explain tips by talking into a camera or even without being on screen (see for example the Commoncraft videos on YouTube).

    In your case you could make a small video with tips people should keep in mind when taking pictures of landscapes or buildings or give tips what to look out for when people want to hire a photographer for landscapes or architecture.

    To your success !


  4. […] I have already shared many tips in the past about an attractive LinkedIn Profile (see for example the post about new features for your LinkedIn Profile) and the use of Applications in your LinkedIn Profile (for example how to use video in your LinkedIn Profile). […]

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