How to Find the Right Customers, Employers, Suppliers and Partners using Company Size on LinkedIn

Many LinkedIn users wonder how to find potential customers, employers, suppliers and partners using company size.

Since this is not a field in the “Advanced Search” screen it seems like you can’t do this.

Good news! There is a work around.

This is how you find the companies and the people who can get you in touch with the people in that company:

1) In the top menu, choose “More …” and the “Companies”

2) On the left hand side, under the drop down box “Location” click “Show more”

3) Choose the company size you are interested in (and use other parameters like Location and Industry as well to have laser focused results)

4) On the right hand side you see all the companies that have a Company Profile on LinkedIn (remark: look at the left hand side to the related industries LinkedIn suggest to broaden your search)

5) Click on a company.

6) You see the Company Profile with interesting information like an overview of your first degree connections, your second degree connections (and via whom you can reach them), divisions, demographics,…

This shows (again) what a treasure chest of useful information LinkedIn is!

Have a great networking day!


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2 Responses to How to Find the Right Customers, Employers, Suppliers and Partners using Company Size on LinkedIn

  1. lode forman says:

    is het mogelijk in het Nederlands te netwerken in Linkedin ?

  2. Beste Lode,

    ja, het is mogelijk om in het Nederlands te schrijven.

    Als je lid bent van Groups die enkel op Nederlandstalige leden gericht zijn, dan is het vrij duidelijk.

    Qua profiel: als je enkel in het Nederlands communiceert met anderen, dan kan je je Profiel in het Nederlands maken. Van het moment dat er een taal bijkomt, dan is het het beste om Engels te gebruiken omdat dat de algemeen aanvaarde business taal is.

    Succes !


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