Company Branding Tip for LinkedIn: The Use of Websites in LinkedIn Profile

To achieve better branding and visibility results on LinkedIn from a company’s point of view, this is a tip using the “Websites” part in the LinkedIn Profile of all employees of the same company or organization.

As I already wrote in “How to REALLY use LinkedIn“: don’t use “My company” or “My website”, but “Other” together with words that appeal to the people you want to attract with the particular website.

I advise using the websites on the Profile of the employees of an organization in the following way:

  1. Website 1: link to the home page of the website of the organization (for example: using the same key words for all coworkers. Remember to use the “other” function to add these key words.
    Multiple links to a specific page will cause it to appear higher in Google (or another search engine) when people search with these key words.
  2. Website 2: link to a specific page on the website of the organization that relates to the job of the individual. For example: for an account executive for copiers. Also use the key words for finding copiers. This will help the website to reach a higher rank in search engines, and it will make a connection with the expertise or job of the individual.
  3. Website 3: “free” link. This can be used to link to a blog, a personal website, or another web page of the organization.

To your success !


This is an excerpt from the Updates to the book How to REALLY use LinkedIn (in Dutch: het boek Hoe LinkedIn nu ECHT gebruiken). Click on the links to get these updates for free!


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