What is the value of using the Box.net application on LinkedIn?

In “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” (and the free updates of it in English or Dutch) I have given advice about the different applications people can use in their LinkedIn Profile.

An application I haven’t given much attention to is Box.net.

The reason? Since the value was so obvious to me I didn’t think it needed much explanation.

But since people kept asking me questions I repeat what in my opinion the value is: it is about building your “Know, Like and Trust” factor.

Key is to share tips, information, experiences and expertise.

In that way people start to know you (ah, that’s what (s)he does!), like you (that’s nice, sharing tips) and trust you (I now see that (s)he is really the expert (s)he claims to be).

You can also do this on a company or product level.

What many people don’t get, is that it’s not about self-promotion. A brochure, company movie or other marketing material generally focuses on the company, not on the customers, suppliers or other partners. Most marketing material only helps for the “Know” factor, but doesn’t give any attention to the “Like” and “Trust” factor. And since it is only focused on “Get to know me”, it is very boring for most people.

For an example of how you can use the Box.net application in your LinkedIn Profile, take a look at the profile of  Jeanet Bathoorn or mine.

An extra advantage is that you might see who has downloaded one of your files (depending on their privacy settings). If you know who has downloaded one of your files, you can follow up with them and start building a relationship with them.

To your success !


PS: the tips about the Box.net application also apply to the other applications (except that you can’t see who has viewed or downloaded them)!


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