LinkedIn Confusion: Who’s viewed my Profile?

Many people are very curious about who has viewed their Profile on LinkedIn.

On the Home page there is a link (at the right hand side): “Who’s viewed my profile”.

You can click on this link and then you will see something like “Your Profile has been viewed by 8 people in the last day, including” and then a list with people.

Most of the times you don’t see a name, but something like “Someone in the Executive Leadership function in the Mechanical or Industrial Engineering industry from Antwerp Area, Belgium”.

If I ask my audiences what they think that needs to be done to see the name, 80% of them answers: upgrade your account.

However, this is not correct!

At the bottom of the page you see “To see more people, upgrade your account”.

You have to interpret this very literally: instead of the 5 people you see with your basic (free) account, you then see all 8 of them. But still no names.

The reason?

LinkedIn is very sensitive about privacy. However most people don’t know they can finetune what others see about them and how LinkedIn can work best for them.

In this case, the clue is in the Settings page (you will find the link on top of each page) and then under Privacy Settings: Profile Views.

By default the option is “Only show my anonymous profile characteristics, such as industry and title”.

Since hardly anyone changes this (because they don’t know they can), you most of the times will never see who has visited your Profile.

Conclusion: even if you upgrade your account you will never see who has viewed your Profile unless they changed it themselves.

To your success !


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5 Responses to LinkedIn Confusion: Who’s viewed my Profile?

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  3. Simba says:

    Question how often is the Who’s viewed your profile page refreshed? I mean if I view a basic account holder’s linkedin profile and I appear on this person’s Who’s viewed your profile, how long before my profile name gets erased from this person’s Who’s viewed your profile page? thanks

  4. Hi Simba,

    max. 1 week.


  5. Asterisk says:


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