“A LinkedIn Profile is Necessary to Be Considered as a Potential Candidate”

That is not what we say at Networking Coach (although it also applies), but at Deloitte in the Netherlands.

This quote is one of the many interesting things I heard from Roos Van Vugt, manager e-recruitment Deloitte Netherlands, in her presentation at a LinkedIn breakfast session in Amsterdam.

Why is this so interesting? Because in discussions with managers many times I hear that they don’t want their employees to be on LinkedIn.

The reason?

They might get hired by another company.

My response to this is dual:

1) you can restrict access to websites like LinkedIn and Facebook during working hours, but anyone can join these networks in their spare time. So that’s not really a solution.

2) why don’t you put more effort in making/keeping people happy so they don’t want to leave your company, even if they are approached by headhunters? Interesting enough the managers who fear their employees leaving are most of the times the ones who don’t give enough attention to their team or micromanage them. Or in other words show the behaviour that scares people away anyway.

Deloitte takes a completely opposite approach: they not only encourage people to use LinkedIn, but even train their employees how they can contribute to achieving the goals of the recruitment team using LinkedIn.

At Networking Coach we also see this trend: more and more we are hired to train the so called “Hiring Managers” how they can use LinkedIn to find the right people for their team.

By the way, Deloitte doesn’t only use LinkedIn for recruitment, but also Twitter, Hyves and Facebook. Next to that they also had an IPhone application made.

It is interesting to see how through the efforts of the recruitment team, the image of Deloitte is changing. From a “dusty” and “only for number chrunchers” company they are now almost a hip and trendy company. This is a nice example of how social media works on different levels.

Look at their website www.werkenbijdeloitte.nl for more inspiration and examples.

Have a great networking day !


PS: get your free light version and free updates of the book How to REALLY use LinkedIn (or in Dutch: het boek Hoe LinkedIn nu ECHT gebruiken)


4 Responses to “A LinkedIn Profile is Necessary to Be Considered as a Potential Candidate”

  1. philrichards says:

    Hi Jan,
    I agree thats oem employers want to restict their employees use of LinkedIn, what a shame, in my opinion.
    Apart form the fact that firms are unable to prevent people accessing it at home, why restict it at all ?
    With company profiles on the increase now, any any employee being able to create the company profile, firms need to sit up and take notice, and forget control.
    If firms could release their fears and embrace the ideas of their employees engaging with their clients, competitors and industry leaders on LinkedIn then they would probably find happy employees and a stronger firm.
    If the follow their fears then another firm will be there with a stronger and bigger presence, as more firms get more involved.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Jan, great post! I’m a content marketer, and I think companies are really missing the boat if they put up restrictive firewalls blocking LinkedIn or other social networking sites. In addition to your two points, I’d add that limiting employees’ access to social networks is also limiting their ability to be your best brand ambassadors. LI allows employees to establish a communication channel with customers and prospects. People buy from those they know, respect and have a relationship with. Why would you ever want to limit your own employees’ abilities to interact with your customers? It makes absolutely no sense…

  4. Hi Phil and Jennifer,

    we are indeed in a turning point in history: people are looking for meaning instead of survival.

    For big corporations this is a challenge since they need to lose control and trust their employees to behave as adults (actually not that difficult, right :-))

    What still will be needed is insights in how things work so people can make informed decisions on the one hand and understand how LinkedIn and other tools can benefit both them as individuals and the organisations they work for (since they can indeed be the best ambassadors towards current and potential customers, new colleagues, suppliers, partners,…).


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