Listening is the Most Important Networking Skill

Listening is the most important skill you need to network. Through listening you build a bond of trust. Through listening you gather information to see how you can help someone else and how you or your network can be helped.

When you really listen, people get the feeling that they really have contact with you and that you are really interested in them. The result is that they become more open and that they share more information about themselves. And then you are actually starting to build a relationship.

Because only few people can listen well, you have a good chance to get noticed in a positive way when you really listen to people. Besides, research has pointed out that the efficiency of people to listen is only 13%. So there is much room for improvement. The tips I will give you in the next couple of weeks, will help you to increase that number substantially.

By the way, this doesn’t only apply to “offline” networking on events, receptions, mixers and conferences, but also to online networking.

For now, here are two sayings I want you to think about:
• We all have two ears and only one mouth. In other words: listening is twice as important as talking. (Source unknown)
• The things you tell people, you already know. But you might still learn something from what other people tell you. (Dale Carnegie)

To your success !


PS: this is an excerpt from my book “Let’s Connect!”. You can download a free light version of the networking book Let’s Connect in English (or het netwerk boek Let’s Connect in Dutch)


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