New Features for Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn did a few changes lately. One obvious thing is that they cleaned up the menu on top.

Another change is that you have a few more options in your LinkedIn Profile.

These new features reside under what LinkedIn calls “Sections” (go to your LinkedIn Profile and you will see what I mean :-)).

These are new features in the LinkedIn Profile that are applicable to everybody:

  • Skills: you can add some skills and how well you are trained in them.
  • Languages: you can add the languages you speak and how well you speak them.

These are new features in the LinkedIn Profile that are interesting for some people:

  • Certifications: for many jobs you need to have a certification. You can use the “Certifications” section to show that you are indeed certified which can make you stand out from other providers of the same service or can show people that you are in line with quality guidelines.
  • Publications: if you have written a book or published an article, you can use the “Publications” section to show that in your Profile.
  • Patents: if you have a patent, you can share that as well.

Note: not many people know you can drag and drop parts of your Profile. For example: by default “Skills” and “Languages” are placed below “Applications”. But you can drag and drop them below “Summary” if you like.

To be honest I don’t know whether I like these new features or not.

On the positive side: it helps people to structure their information better and will help them to be found when looking for a new job.

On the negative side: the LinkedIn Profile becomes more like a resume, which puts the emphasis too much on the recruiting/finding a job part of the side. Most people who use LinkedIn are using the website for different reasons: finding new customers, partners, investors and expertise; sharing ideas and offering and receiving help. For them these new features might feel like something that doesn’t serve the purpose they use LinkedIn for.

I’m interested in your opinion. Share it as a comment or send me a private message on LinkedIn.

To your success !


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2 Responses to New Features for Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. gerda haagen says:

    goedenavond Jan,

    Ik ben niet zo heel erg actief met LinkedIn. Toch kan ik je alleen maar gelijk geven dat een zakelijk netwerk geen verkapte advertentiesite zou moeten worden. Als het daarop uitdraait, benik gauw vertrokken.

    met vriendelijke groet,
    Gerda Haagen

  2. Marlene says:

    Completely agreeing. LinkedIn should not turn into a recruiting site. There are already plenty of these on internet.
    It is up to yourself to decide what usage you make of it by accepting the “right” people to join your network.
    Thank you for the tips and hints.



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