New Features for the LinkedIn Company Profiles

LinkedIn has lately been adding extra features to the Company Profiles.

In the past one could only write a small description about the Company. The rest of the Company Profile was filled in with the information from the LinkedIn Profiles of people who are/were for that company.

Though the most information still comes from the individual LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn added “Careers” and “Products”. You can also promote your company using LinkedIn Direct Ads.

With “Careers” you can add “Job Postings” to your Company Profile and even show different job offerings based on the Profile of the person who is looking at this “Careers” Page.

With “Products” you can showcase your products and services.

One of the reasons why I like these extra “Products” features is that people can write recommendations about products or services from a company, which is different than recommendations for an individual. A product or service is a joint effort from everybody working for the same organization. Next to that, you also don’t have to be connected in the first degree to write a recommendation about a product or service.

For our company, Networking Coach, this helps since we give a lot of presentations for large groups of people with whom we don’t have a personal connection (yet). Through the company profile page they are still able to share their experience. These recommendations also benefit us as a company since their network is notified via Network Updates.

LinkedIn offers a pretty elaborate form to list your product or service. These are the steps to take (but you don’t have to do them all):

• Choose whether it is a product or a service.
• Assign it to a category.
• Name the product/service.
• Upload an image.
• Describe the product/service.
• Make a list of key features (keywords) and if applicable write a disclaimer.
• Contact persons: use the LinkedIn Profile of the co-workers to act as the contact person (note: you need to be connected with them on LinkedIn).
• Add a promotion (Title, URL and Description)
• Link with a YouTube video.

What I recommend to do, is to showcase your products/services, but use the promotion and video to share free tips so people’s Know, Like and Trust factor increases which will help the sale.

Last but not least, you can also add the following to the Company Profile:
• (Company) Blog
• (Company) Twitter ID
• News: you can choose whether or not news about your Company is published on the Company Profile.

To your success !


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4 Responses to New Features for the LinkedIn Company Profiles

  1. Ron Grevink says:

    Very useful information! I did not know about the product section, so I have added our products to LinkedIn now. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. You’re welcome Ron !

  3. Tony says:

    The ability to add a product or service is a huge upgrade in terms of value for business owners on LinkedIn. In the past, LinkedIn used “dofollow” links on profiles so it had an effect on the way search engines interpreted data. I wonder if the new product function has the same – imagine ranking your e-commerce site, a video, and a LinkedIn profile all for a search on your product.

  4. Leo Barto says:

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