The Power of Classmates

I have been noticing something very interesting the last couple of months: we get more and more requests to give training courses and presentations from people I went to university with.

It seems like they have moved up on corporate ladders and are now in the position to make decisions about purchasing products or hiring services.

What can we learn from this?

1) Sometimes it takes time for things to happen. People you meet now in your life, will maybe only have an influence in 10 to 20 years. So be patient and keep in touch. If you don’t have their contact details anymore, look them up on LinkedIn or let LinkedIn do the work for you (via Contacts/Add Connections/Classmates).

2) For people who are currently studying at a college or university: get to know each other. Work with different people on projects. By going through experiences together, you create bonds that last long. Make sure you will be able to do that by already linking with each other on LinkedIn.

3) For colleges and universities: keep focusing on alumni programs. Facilitate meetings for people who graduated the same year. People love this kind of events, but nobody takes the initiative to organize them. Make sure you facilitate this on LinkedIn as well by setting up a LinkedIn Group and creating LinkedIn Events.

4) For organisations and companies: give more attention to alumni programs. Your former employees can be your best ambassadors. But only IF you make them feel they are still part of the family. The same tip here: make sure you facilitate this on LinkedIn by setting up a LinkedIn Group and creating LinkedIn Events.

To your success !


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3 Responses to The Power of Classmates

  1. Bart says:

    Good advice, but will LinkedIn be there in 10-20 years?

  2. Dear Bart,

    that’s a good question.

    Two reactions:

    1) If not, there will be another website like it.

    2) Are you willing to “take the risk” and not be active on LinkedIn because it might not be there anymore and miss out on many opportunities in the meanwhile?

    Have a great networking day !


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