Who Can Edit a LinkedIn Company Page?

Especially when we give training courses to multinationals or when we do strategic sessions with the top management of a company, this question pops up: who can edit our LinkedIn Company page?

This is how it works by default:

1) Someone creates the first version of a LinkedIn Company Page.
2) Everybody else with the same email address after the @ sign can edit the page. So if john.smith@company-abc.com has created the LinkedIn Company page then everybody with the @company-abc.com email address can change the page.

As a consequence my advice to you is: if you don’t have a LinkedIn Company page yet, make one right now before someone with another email address creates it without you being able to change it!

As you can imagine the fact that anybody with the same email address can change the Company page, makes some people very nervous. In my opinion you don’t have to be too dramatic about it since you can always see who changed the Company page and you can change it again.

But now LinkedIn also has the option to choose who is allowed to change the Company page.

How to do this?

1) Go to your Company Profile.
2) Click Edit.
3) Under “Company Page Admins” choose “Designated Users Only”.
4) Choose which colleagues are allowed to change the page (of course they must have a LinkedIn Profile and you must be connected to them)

To your success !


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