Do You Have a Big Network or More Bridging Ties?

I just read an interesting article called “The Most Valuable People in Your Network” on the Harvard Business Review blog by Rob Cross.

Rob is also the author of “The Hidden Power of Social Networks – Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations“, which is a very good book about how Social Network Analysis or Organizational Network Analysis can be translated from the academic world to the business world.

In the article he describes a study done at a major consultancy company about sharing their knowledge using a social-bookmarking system.

One of the conclusions was:

“(The research team) sought to discover whether these systems could help employees be more innovative at work by helping them connect ideas from different contexts. What they found was that innovativeness had nothing to do with the number of bookmarks accessed or even the number of people an individual connected to through the bookmarking system. Employees that were rated as more innovative didn’t have bigger networks; rather, they had more bridging ties — ties that connected them to other employees who were themselves not connected.

Look at the article for a visual representation of what this actually means.

My question to you is: how about your network (internally or externally)? Are you someone who is the bridge between different networks?

To your success !



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