Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics

January 26, 2008

Last week Roger Hamilton was in Antwerp. Roger is the chairman of XL Results Foundation and the author of the books “Wink and Grow Rich” and “Your Life, Your Legacy“.

I have been aware of the Wealth System he teaches for a few years and even had my wealth profiling done, but never really did anything with it. But after hearing him speaking I was interested again in really looking into how his Wealth Dynamics could help me.

According to Roger there are 8 ways to wealth and when a person chooses the way that doesn’t suit him, it will never truly work out. Bill Gates has a different approach that Warren Buffet and that’s OK. But if you have a profile like Bill Gates and you follow the advice of Warren Buffet, it might not work for you.

Very interesting concept, especially because it resonates with my own experiences 🙂

The second message in the Wealth Dynamics concept is to find people with another Wealth Profile than yours to team up with so you can reinforce each other and each can play according to his own strengths.

Of course I’m into the team (=network) idea, but also into the focus on each strengths instead of “neutralising your weaknesses”. This gives more energy and joy and isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Have a great networking week !



International network week

January 19, 2008

From February 4, 2008 to February 8, 2008 it is International Network Week.

This is an initiative of BNI (Business Network International), the largest referral club in the world, but not limited to it. They invite all other network groups and people who are interested in the topic of networking to join this initiative.

Look at the post on YouTube where BNI founder Ivan Misner explains what the idea behind International Network Week is:

 Have a great (international) networking week !


Gift etiquette around the world

January 13, 2008

Since we are still in January, the month in which we typically exchanges our “best wishes” and in some occasions also presents with each other, I thought it would be a good idea to post this link about gift etiquette around the world: 

This website doesn’t have entries for the whole world yet. If you know about other websites that are more complete than this one, please let me know.

Have a great networking week !


Difference between men and women in networking

January 5, 2008

In the business magazine Bizz I read an article about leadership and women. It was an interview with Herminia Ibarra, professor at INSEAD (and a woman herself) by Benny Debruyne.

One of the topics in the interview was why the networks of men in the workplace are more “close” than the networks of women.

Her main point was that men have more in common because they do more activities together. Many men have an overlap between their professional and personal network.

Women on the other hand build two separate networks: one for their job and one for activities outside their job.

What are the consequences?

Men know their professional contacts also more personal. This leads to a natural bond and trust which women often do not have with their professional contacts.

“When a company has to take risks, then it is pretty normal that a man gives a tough task to another man. Because he knows him better, he trusts him more.” said Ibarra.

Her tips for women:
– When there are not enough women in your own company try to enlarge your network with female professionals from other companies. By having contacts with those “peers” you get a bigger overlap between your personal  and professional network.
– Women can also strengthen their relationships with men through having more lunches with them or finding other activities they can do together.
In my opinion these are worthwhile tips, not only for women, but also for men.

Do you have more tips or experiences with the difference between men and women regarding networking?
Please post them here or send them to connect-with-us at

Have a great networking day !


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