Overview of Networking Tools

May 28, 2008

Two weeks ago we added a new section on the website: Networking and Referral Tools.

These are tools that will help you get more visibility or stay in touch with your network.

For every tool we present:
– What is it?
– Why should/could you use it?
– Which suppliers are on the market (with our comments/experiences)?

At this moment, these are the tools that are presented:
– Business Cards
– Website
– Blog
– Online Business Networks
– Business Card Readers
– Autoresponders
– Software for e-newsletters
– Free telephone
– Books

More tools will be added and updated from now on.

For the English version go to: networking tools
For the Dutch version go to: netwerk tools

Have a great networking day !



Networking Speaker – Jan Vermeiren

May 10, 2008

I posted a first video on YouTube (or actually a slideshow).

On the one hand it is an impression about me as a networking speaker.
On the other hand it was a kind of an experiment for me to see how to use video to share networking tips and referral tips. It is certainly an interesting medium that I will use more in the future !

This is the link for this video/slideshow titled “Speaker Networking – Jan Vermeiren” (1.12 min).

Have a great networking day !


Grab function of LinkedIn toolbar helps to save time

May 3, 2008

The online business network LinkedIn is the largest online business network at the moment.

Most people now already heard of this website, but what not so many people know is that there are also free tools.

One of them is a toolbar for Outlook. There is also a toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The toolbar of Outlook has at least one very handy feature: the “grab” function.

What does it do?

It avoids copying and pasting people’s e-mail signatures to a contact card.

All you need to do now, is highlight the e-mail signature and then push the “grab” button.

A new contact card is then automatically created with the contact details in the right fields.

I have to give a small warning though: always check if all the contact details are copied and if they are indeed in the right fields. There are so many different ways of creating an e-mail signature that the alogrithm doesn’t recognize all the fields all the time. But it still is a time saver !

Have an efficient networking day !


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